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About the Park Bureau

Newly Launched National Park Bureau Aggregates National Park News & Inspiration without the Social Media Clutter

America’s national parks and monuments are beloved, iconic destinations for tens of millions of travelers and adventure seekers around the world. As visitation to the 59 national parks and 124 national monuments steadily increases year after year, there’s a surging demand for new ways to engage with the parks as well as the private businesses that serve them.

Social media is a convenient way to keep up with what’s happening at the parks we plan to visit or that we visited last summer; however, there are increasingly many drawbacks ー not the least of which is the reduced visibility of content on social platforms. Many businesses and publishers solve this problem with paid advertising, but it’s unlikely the National Park Service will ever have the budget for that. There’s yet another major drawback: You actually have to be a registered social media user, and these days many are making the conscious decision to forego social media altogether.

That’s why we’ve created the National Park Bureau.

As professional marketers who are also fanatics of our national parks, we grew frustrated that our morning burst of national park inspiration was getting harder and harder to find in the digital haystack. First, we fiddled with our newsfeed settings to try to ensure that our favorite park posts were always shown, with varying degrees of success. Then we set out to find a news source that just featured national park news and photos, but were stymied again. There was no such thing. So, rather than continue hoping a solution would materialize one day, we decided to build it!

The National Park Bureau unifies more than 200 data sources in one central package to bring national park fans all the daily national park news and inspiration from the National Park Service as well as other park visitors.

  • Facebook news feeds ー with full post text, photos, reactions, and comments
  • Twitter status updates ー with full tweet text, photos, and engagement metrics
  • Instagram photo galleries ー with the latest park photos ‘grammed and hashtagged by travelers
  • Official new releases from the National Park Service

At the National Park Bureau, you’ll find a totally new way to plan a vacation, stay connected to the parks you love, and support park conservation efforts, with many more resources and handy features coming later in 2019. A central part of our mission is to do our part to help protect and preserve these national treasures for future generations. We hope you will join us in this effort.

If you’re as passionate about national parks as we are, and don’t want to miss anything, ditch the social media feeds and bookmark the National Park Bureau, now online at nationalparkbureau.com!

My favorite park is Bryce Canyon. The hoodoos captivated my imagination when I saw a photo of Bryce amphitheater as a teenager. Years later, as a parent, my family and I hiked Bryce for three glorious days in 2014 on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait to go back with just my wife and I! Next up: Mesa Verde, Olympic, and Mount Rainier. 🙂

What’s your favorite, and why?