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13 hours ago

On Friday, July 5th, at 8:20 pm, a 7.1 M earthquake impacted Devils Hole. The waves created (seiche) by the earthquake caused the water to raise and drop at least 10-15 ft. There were not any stranded pupfish found Saturday morning. The fish seem to be in good condition with spawning behavior occurring. 15-20 fish (10-25 mm) were observed on the shelf on Saturday morning. Program staff as well as cooperating agencies visited the site to conduct several "recovery" actions. (NPS Video/Hoerner/AD version Description: views above and below ground of the pool of water and shallow shelf as the earthquake shaking impacts the area, including water level droping and rising rapidly and water turbidity) ... See MoreSee Less


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I'm just here for that amazing barn owl.

Great news! Hoping this will help their numbers.

Wow! That is incredible. Thank you.

Beautiful Barn Owl! I'm glad the fish were ok!

I forever will be impacted of this footage.

Thanks for sharing

Great footage!

So breathtaking...nice that reportedly there were no casualties. Those little fishes clinging to life in an already extreme environment, the underwater camera showing a devastating event. I saw many of them during our January visit to Ash Meadows Refuge, all of them in the ponds, they can't be seen in Devil's Hole from the distance.

Thanks for posting. It makes me realize the impact on living other than human.

So there was a tsunami...very small, but definitely a tsunami in that pool of water.

Impressive video. Glad the pup fish are OK.

Awesome !!!

I visited devils hole and other pupfish sites years ago. Hope they are okay. Such a precarious existence m and not many left!




Sieche technically in geologic terms. Glad they're ok.

Ian Keith WE HAVE BEEN HERE!!! I was thinking how it would impact the pupperfish!

Is there a small breeding group of backup pupfish that are kept in a separate location in case anything disastrous happens to the main population? Not keeping your eggs in one basket literally. 🐟

Thats a huge owl that came out.


Thanks for the video! Great!

First thing my husband said when we heard the news “where’s the pupfish cam?” Thanks!

Karly that's just freaky that any earthquake affects it, good thing the fishies are ok! :)

The second sentence got me all nervous. Hopefully that means they are all doing well! The video is beyond incredible to see, too.

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