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15 hours ago

Fill in the Blank...
I feel the magic of the Rocky Mountains when _________________.

(NPS photo)
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Fill in the Blank...
I feel the magic of the Rocky Mountains when _________________.
(NPS photo)


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I feel the magic of the Rocky Mountains as soon as I can see the distance and when I get up into them my heart is filled with awe and splendor.

the peacefulness is felt deep in my heart!πŸ’œ

I look at your gorgeous pictures..... hope to go there one day......

I'm hiking one of my favorite trails (Bierstadt or Emerald Lake in particular).

I am there. Such an interesting and beautiful part of this world. I thank God for letting me visit this creation.

Most favorite place on earth for me!! Would love one more visit but don’t think I’ll make it!!! Thank you for all the visit’s I had the pleasure to enjoy them over 40 years of visits!!!

I will! πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ When I finally get to go in September for my beautiful niece’s wedding πŸ‘°πŸΌ!! She’s a gorgeous woman and will be as beautiful as the scenery. πŸ’•πŸ’•

when we have first sighting and approach from our flatland home, and every moment thereafter.

I see the beautiful pictures - they bring back so many good memories!

Take a deep breath and feel that wonderful clear clean Rocky Mountain air! I feel so close to God when I’m there.

...I’m admiring the view from the Gem Lake privy.

When I breathe that great dry, crisp air! Coming from Louisiana, that first sight of them makes me smile and sigh!

I look at the San Juans every day, and know God created them. Love the Rocky Mountains. Born and raised in them.

When I get going-to-elevation approval of my cardiologist to go up there from FoCo for the day! I haven't been since last year. My friend took me and we had a lovely time driving around and slowly circling Sprague Lake, then lunch with a view at the Trailhead. Once my surgery is done, I'll envision becoming the hearty hiker once more and heading to all my favorite trails again!

I come over that rise into Estes and the vista just opens up. Same thing when traveling west on I-70 from Denver. It takes my breath away every time.

I’m in the park looking at them! Mountains are my happy place!

My soul and the mountains become one!

I’m hiking in that fresh, cool air, panting hard, but feeling more like my complete self than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

From the first moment we arrive, see the beauty, open the car doors and smell and feel that sweet, cool air.

When I'm driving back from the relative flatness of the Midwest and first spot the Rockies in the distance.

“I just stand still and allow the beauty of the mountains to take over all my thoughts”

When we arrive in the mountains, hike the mountains, enjoy the quiet of the mountains, the sky that is bluer than anywhere else I've ever been..... be still my heart❀ The mountains are my happy place!!

I hear the roar of a waterfall or relax with my coffee in the early morning taking in the beauty of the mountains while seeing the wildlife peacefully mulling about. It makes me grateful for what the day will bring!

I feel the magic of the Rocky Mountains when I smell the pines.

My husband and I ride thru the park on our motorcycle with an unobstructed view, and the scent of pine filling out nostrils. πŸ’•

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Scattered showers and storms will continue through the afternoon. #cowx

Raptor Closures have been lifted on some Lumpy Ridge formations; Raptor Closures are still in effect thru July 31 for Thunder Buttress, The Parish, and Sundance Buttress. Closures are to ensure birds of prey (raptors) are undisturbed during the breeding & nesting season. ks

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